General Factoring FAQs
How much can I advance?

Our generous advance rate allows you to quickly pay for fuel, drivers and repairs.

How soon will funds be available and how will I receive the funds?

Upon acceptance, FirstLine Funding Group (FFG) will electronically deposit the funds to your bank account with no additional fee.

Do you have same-day financing options?

FFG offers a Priority Service Option via the FFG debit card, bank wire or T-Chek Express Code. An additional fee is charged.

I have higher volume; will I get better rates?

FFG will create a personal factoring program according to your volume and needs. With FFG, you can be confident that you are getting the service that you deserve and that you are getting what you pay for.

Do you offer free credit checks?

FFG wants you to manage your business in the best way possible. With our free credit check service, we can provide you with reliable information so that you are able to haul for reputable and prompt-paying companies.

Does FFG have experience in my industry?

With 50+ years of experience, at FFG we take extreme pride in our management team and staff. Our people know and respect your industry and truly want to be a partner in your business.

Whom will I work with?

To provide you with superior customer service, we assign a Senior Account Executive that serves as your main point of contact and is dedicated in managing the account from A to Z.

Does FFG participate in trade organizations?

FFG is a member of the following professional organizations:
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Can I access my account online?

FFG offers complete access to the details of your account. You may track your aging, collections, reserves and Broker/Shipper credit history.

Transportation FAQs
Do you have a Fuel Card Program?

FFG has a referral program with the EFS Fuel Card Network. This relationship allows our clients to use a debit card for fuel purchases nationwide. Discounts are available at Petro and Travel Centers of America.

What size Freight Brokers do you service?

FFG offers its factoring service to Freight Brokers of any size and volume. Not only is FFG taking care of the Accounts Receivable function for the Broker, but we are also handling the Accounts Payable duties. We have several payment options for the Broker’s Carriers.