Fuel Card Program

Manage and Control the Costs of Fuel and Repairs

We are committed to improving the transportation industry by offering smarter payment solutions and fleet management resources all while keeping the flexibility and customization that you deserve.

The FirstLine Funding Fuel Card provides all the flexibility you desire in a fuel purchase card:

  • Fund your fuel account right through your invoices
  • Universal purchasing authority at major truck stops
  • Simple transaction fees
  • Internet-based maintenance
  • Low transaction fees, including cash advances and checks
  • Universal card acceptance
  • Discounts at over 1,500 locations nationwide
  • Great customer service
  • Purchase reporting, truck stop pricing, and card maintenance are all Internet based
  • Third-party software providers
  • Customer-tailored card purchase power
  • Flexible payment methods

We look forward to discussing opportunities with you.

Please contact Kim Kringen:
Phone: 877.609.6717
Email: kim.kringen@bankeasy.com