FirstLine Funding Group knows that industries like transportation, oil and gas, and staffing must meet unique cash flow challenges in order to thrive in business and sustain daily operations. With factoring, we advance 90-95% of your invoice up front, and the balance is paid upon collection minus a small discount fee.

Our method of factoring is less expensive than traditional factoring practices. Simply apply online, and upon completion of paperwork, you will have access to your hard-earned cash. Our rates are highly competitive with no hidden or surprise fees.

With factoring, you have the tools to fund the seasonal demands of your business, make payroll, pay off loans, take advantage of bulk purchase discounts and grow -- all without flagging your operation as unstable or resorting to ‘Quick Pay’ style programs. It’s an accepted and practical financing strategy that FirstLine Funding Group has successfully delivered to clients.

The Advantages of Factoring Through FirstLine Funding Group:

  • Same-day funding available
  • Focus on the credit of your customer, not your company
  • Simple online application and quick turnaround
  • Online credit checks
  • 90-95% of your invoice up front
  • Online access 24/7